Book Review: A Perioperative Model and Framework for Practice

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Models and frameworks of nursing are often difficult to understand, and applying this to a speciality that continuously has to justify the fact that nurses are needed in perioperative care provides its own challenges.

This book does not claim to be an exhaustive commentary on perioperative practice, which is refreshing.

Aimed at nurses working in perioperative care, it describes applying perioperative knowledge in practice. However, there are also sections applicable to nurses outside the theatre environment.

There is an interesting chapter on the role of the anaesthetic nurse specialist, which extends the traditional anaesthetic nurse role to pre and postoperative care. Some of the chapters are brief and basic however, and although teamwork is an element of the framework, the discussion of roles is unnecessary.

There could be more about the actual perioperative model and framework. Also, the content of the very useful documentation in the appendices could have been explained more in the references to framework development.

The inaccuracy of association ‘of’ perioperative practice rather than ‘for’, and the use of ‘assists’ the surgeon/anaesthetist rather than ‘works with’ may be a source of irritation to some.

The chapter outlines and keywords are useful, though, and the thoughts and the book encourages a reflective approach.

Ann Cousley and Daphne Martin (Eds) | m&k publishing | 172pp | £29.00 | ISBN: 9781905539871

Reviewed by Tracey Radcliffe, clinical governance lead nurse, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

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