Appreciative Healthcare Practice: A Guide to Compassionate Person-centred Care

With the aim of developing caring and compassionate professionals, this book could benefit nurses at most stages of their career.

It outlines the current model of care, and then describes the development of mindfulness and coaching skills to support patient-centred care.

The eight chapters are divided into smaller chunks, and the reader is expected to work through them, reflecting and building on their knowledge and experience.

The book is practical, and encourages self-reflection as a compassionate professional to promote understanding of the patient’s needs and encourage patients to become more empowered.

The first chapter on the ‘analytical eye’ serves as a reminder to examine how we may ‘mis-care’, while the ‘appreciative eye’ examines the need to see the patient as an individual.

The final chapter on mindfulness and coaching encourages the reader to develop both of these perspectives.

This text is useful for nurses at all levels because it focuses on the core skills of the nursing role. It would be a suitable library or educational programme resource to promote and develop compassion and professionalism.

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