Getting it right at the NMC starts with compassion

Andrea Sutcliffe wants to take the fear out of fitness to practise processes
NMC chief executive Andrea Sutcliffe flanked by two woman at roundtable consultation in Bristol

Andrea Sutcliffe wants to take the fear out of fitness to practise processes

Treating people with kindness, respect and compassion sounds simple, yet it is something many organisations struggle to do. Too often we focus on process and forget about the people involved.

Understanding the impact of every interaction

While the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has made a lot of progress, we still haven’t got this completely right. Only recently, we were alerted to an email we sent to someone who had left our register after 45 years, in which we failed to thank them for their service .

Clearly, 45 years of dedicated public service deserved more. We acted quickly