Workplace pressures: how the Code supports nurses and managers

NMC executives talk about addressing incivility and promoting joy in nursing, and how the Code acts as an anchor in helping to manage workplace pressures

A nurses stands holding the phone at a hospital nurses' station while others are busy in the background
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Nurses and other healthcare staff face constant workplace pressures, especially during the colder months when respiratory conditions are more prevalent.

But how can the Nursing and Midwifery Council code help nursing staff and managers to navigate these challenges?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast – Under pressure: support for nursing staff and managers? – examines how the Code acts as a professional anchor, helping nurses to manage risks and escalate concerns. It also provides a framework for decision-making and professional accountability.


The Code should be used as a tool to support nurses and promote patient safety

Guests NMC executive director of professional practice Sam Foster and assistant director, national and regional outreach Sam Donohue speak about how the Code should never be used in a negative way but rather as a tool to support nurses and promote patient safety.

Managers also have a role in supporting staff and making tough decisions to mitigate risks and keep people safe, they tell Nursing Standard editor and podcast host Flavia Munn.

Our guests also discuss the importance of addressing incivility at work and Ms Donohue shares the findings of her research into joy in nursing.

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