Climate emergency: what can nursing students do to be greener?

Our podcast guests – a nursing student and lecturer – discuss the proactive approach they are taking to make their university course more sustainable

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How are nursing students preparing for the health challenges of climate change?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast explores how students and universities are ensuring their courses cover this vital topic.

Nursing student Leonie Harrison and lecturer Alison Taylor talk to podcast host Erin Dean about the proactive approach they are taking to make their course at the University of Brighton more sustainable. They explain that this matters to nursing students as the climate emergency is a health emergency.

Student-led approach to planetary health

Ms Harrison also discusses Brighton students’ work with three other universities around the world to adapt and introduce the Planetary Health Report Card (PHRC) to nursing courses. This is a student-led approach to assess how planetary health is considered in all aspects of a nursing course.

Ms Harrison shares her experience of using the PHRC at the University of Brighton, and how it is leading to practical changes to make their learning greener.

Harnessing the power of students

The importance and power of nursing students in this area, both now and as the future nursing workforce, is emphasised in the episode.

The pair talk about how other universities can take a similar approach, and about the hope that their work gives them for the future.

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