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Dementia patients missing out on personal budgets

Alzheimer’s charity says a ‘deep-seated misunderstanding’ of the system means fewer than a...

Nurses are central to protecting physical health of prisoners

Nurses must ensure patients in prison receive the same standard of care as those outside,...

Number of non-EU nurses seeking UK registration soars

Applications to join the NMC register from nurses and midwives outside Europe more than...

Vulnerable patients 'at high risk' of food poisoning

Some hospitals are serving out-of-date food to patients, an investigation has found.

Charging overseas patients for NHS care: concerns raised over nurses' role

Nurses have voiced concerns over what role, if any, they should play in deciding whether...

App launched to help nurses raise patient safety concerns

Unison Scotland has launched a free app for nurses to raise concerns about patient care from...

Nursing in disaster zones under spotlight at ‘extreme medicine’ conference

Nurses and clinicians who care for people in extreme or hostile environments, as well as...

Practice nurses ‘need better mental health training’

Practice nurses need better training in mental health, says mental health charity Mind.

Rise in number of nurses referred to the NMC

The number of nurses and midwives being referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council has...

Charity single raises awareness of mental health issues

Singer/songwriter releases single for mental health charity SANE.

Nursing associates will administer controlled medicines

Staff in new role will also carry out invasive procedures, government documents suggest.

Free occupational health services for Scottish practice nurses

Practice nurses in Scotland will now have free access to occupational health services as...

New Marvel superhero team features an IBD-fighting nurse

A nurse is helping to fight inflammatory bowel disease by joining a new team of comic-book...

Sharp rise in number of children seeking help for anxiety

NSPCC says number of children and young people seeking help for anxiety is rising sharply.

Government giving ‘false impression’ about increased NHS spending

NHS spending per person will fall in two years’ time, the head of the Commons health...

House of Lords select committee to hear evidence on NHS pressures

Nursing workforce expert will advise on issues such as risks associated with low morale.

Nurses’ uniforms harbour antibiotic-resistant bugs, study reveals

Scrubs worn by intensive care nurses can harbour antibiotic-resistant superbugs, according...

Nurse-led crisis response team keeps people over 65 out of A&E

More than 1,000 older patients diverted from emergency care in the past year, thanks to a...