My job

60 Seconds with asthma nurse specialist Barbara Stephenson

People with asthma need consistent, personalised advice to help manage their condition, says...

60 seconds with RCN Nurse of the Year Venetia Wynter-Blyth

Step outside your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail, says Venetia Wynter-Blyth.

‘In children’s palliative care we help make memories’

With a shortage of qualified nurses providing children’s palliative care in the voluntary...

60 seconds with learning disability nursing lecturer Stacey Atkinson

Nurses need to be more vocal and shout from the rooftops about the good work they are doing...

60 seconds with Macmillan nurse consultant Diana Greenfield

Have the confidence to be ambitious and get experience in a variety of fields before

60 seconds with RCN professional lead Amanda Cheesley

Always fight for what you know is right, and grasp every opportunity that comes your way,

60 seconds with dementia expert June Andrews

The only thing in life that is rationed is time – so don’t waste a minute, says professor

60 Seconds with public health leader Joanne Bosanquet

Nurses and midwives need to be more digitally savvy to increase their impact, says Public

Raising the profile of mental health nursing

In 2015, Julia Terry became the first mental health nurse in the UK to be awarded a

My Job: nurse consultant Geraldine Rodgers

Geraldine Rodgers, nurse consultant for frailty and long-term conditions and winner of the

60 seconds with nursing professor Julia Terry

The flexibility and freedom to come up with innovative teaching ideas is something associate

60 seconds with leading children’s nurse Joan Myers

Nurse consultant and BME advisory group chair Joan Myers supports, empowers and motivates...

60 seconds with consultant nurse for older people Nicky Hayes

Nicky Hayes set her heart on gerontological nursing early in her career. Her varied roles...

My job: palliative care children's nurses

Nurses who provide children's palliative care in the voluntary sector explain why their

60 Seconds with Parkinson’s disease specialist nurse Jacqueline Young

People with Parkinson’s in hospital need timely medication and education to prevent...

60 seconds with major trauma nurse specialist Amanda Burston

Award-winning emergency care nurse Amanda Burston loves being part of an expert team that...

60 Seconds with Department of Health professional adviser Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas loves visiting frontline services and meeting brilliant and inspirational nurses

60 seconds with nurse educator Sue McBean

Sue McBean may be an experienced author, teacher, activist, researcher and nurse, but she is


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