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Workforce: The political risks of implementing 7-day working

The leaking last month of the Department of Health ‘risk register’ on the NHS 7-day working

Legal advice: Am I allowed to read my own hospital notes?

Question: I was in hospital recently and was told by a nurse that I had to make an...

Workplace: How can I advise nurses who regularly have split days off?

Split days off are becoming a reality for many nurses but they can play havoc with your...

Workforce: How UK nurses' pay compares with other countries

UK hospital nurse remuneration is ranked below the United States, Canada, Australia and most

Legal advice: Is it okay to buy an essay online to help with an assessment?

Submitting someone else's work as your own is plagiarism. It's just not worth the

Matt Griffiths

Teenagers and ‘freshers’ are being advised to have a vaccination to prevent meningitis W...

Workplace: What advice can I give to nurses who are not getting their breaks?

Nurses should insist on taking breaks for their own health and safety as well as that of...

James Buchan

The annual NHS staff survey is an opportunity to make your feelings known to employers and

Three approaches to safe staffing levels

England, Scotland and Wales are tackling staffing in different ways, but getting it right is

Marc Cornock

Promoting one company's products over another's could be seen as unethical, says Marc...

Medicines management: How can we prevent older people from taking too many medicines?

Extending consultation times could enable practitioners to explore medication usage in more...

Ask the expert: Organising a learning event

Regular learning events can help you meet the requirements of revalidation, says Zeba Arif

Ask the expert: Managing medicines in hot weather

Matt Griffiths advises how to keep your cool when storing medications in summer

Legal advice: Can I write notes in coloured ink?

Nurse and academic lawyer Marc Cornock answers your legal queries

Workplace: How to deal with bullying in the workplace

I have been contacted by a nurse who witnessed (not for the first time) a manager...

Ask the expert: Marc Cornock on the legality of losing a day's pay because of bad

My employer wants to deduct a day’s pay because I could not get to work in the bad weather...

Medicine management

I have a patient who would benefit from a medicine not available on the NHS. Is there any...

Workplace wisdom

How can I support nurses with work-related mental health issues to better cope with their...