Stressed out at work? Learn practical steps to improve your well-being

Our podcast guest discusses an online course that identifies your vulnerabilities and explains how you can work with them

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Do you know your emotional triggers, those particular situations that cause a surge of stress or anger?

Feeling overwhelmed is a common response in times of high pressure, and the pandemic has brought even greater challenges for healthcare staff.

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast looks at a free online course that offers practical exercises and simple steps to support nurses and other health workers to manage stress.

Course tutor and University of Edinburgh professor of student learning (nurse education) Tonks Fawcett explains how self-care needn’t be self-indulgent and how learners can dip into the course when time allows.

Physical exercises to support your well-being

In the episode, Professor Fawcett talks about the three-step breathing space practice and a simple hand-fist exercise to support frazzled nervous systems, and the importance of knowing and accepting personal vulnerabilities and learning how to respond to them.

The pre-recorded sessions of the course cover trauma-sensitive mindfulness, caring human factors, and responding to a crisis and dealing with the aftermath. Online support from tutors is available throughout the learning journey.

Free training for healthcare staff around the world

The course, Self care and wellbeing: A practical guide for health and social care, is jointly run by digital education platform FutureLearn, the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and is open to global healthcare staff including nursing students.

It follows another popular massive open online course for critical care staff used by 57,000 workers, which identified the need for a tailored well-being course.

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Self care and wellbeing: A practical guide for health and social care

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