Expert advice

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Pay dispute: what are the next steps and key dates for April and beyond?

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Why ways to reduce complacency are as important to IPC as effective hygiene

What happens if nurses reject the pay offer? Your questions answered

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NHS national uniform will soon be sewn up – so will the new scrubs make your job easier?

Workwear has been designed with staff input, and (spoiler alert) we hope you like blue

Duty of care: the legal, ethical and professional points to consider

What duty of care means for you, whether at work, off-duty or on strike

Breaks during and between shifts: what are your rights?

How to ensure you get the time out you need, even when pressures are high

Psychological first aid: what is it and can it help nurses cope with trauma or crisis?

How the strategy works, and how to access training to support yourself and others

Think before you speak: how to professionally go public with personal views

Advice on how and when nurses are safe to reveal personal or political opinions in public

Hot, healthy food at work: what the new NHS standards will mean for you

England’s trusts are to be held to higher standards of catering and food options

Moral injury: what to do if are affected by it, and how to reduce the risk

Being forced to make decisions that go against your morals can take an emotional toll

Menopause: guidance on support for NHS staff who are struggling with symptoms

NHS advice marks a cultural shift to foster openness and improve women’s working lives

Mandatory learning disability and autism training: what you can expect

Oliver McGowan programme aims to address health inequalities and prevent avoidable deaths

What to say to patients and the public about why nurses are going on strike in the NHS

Tips on how to reassure patients and debunk myths about cushy pensions and starting pay

What nurses’ strikes will mean for those who didn’t vote for them

How action will work and how those providing life-preserving care can cross picket lines