Your chance to shape the future of the RCN and the profession


Your chance to shape the future of the RCN and the profession

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In the most significant change to RCN leadership for a generation, rank and file members have the opportunity to join a new committee that will shape the future of the profession, says editor Graham Scott

Offering you the chance to join a committee is unlikely to set your pulse racing, so let’s put it another way: would you like to join a group of dynamic nurses who will help shape the future of the RCN and the wider nursing profession? If the answer is yes, then read on.

The RCN’s governing council and associated committees are about to go through their most significant changes for a generation. A smaller, more strategic council will be supported by two committees, one covering the RCN’s trade union activities, the other its royal college function to enhance nursing as a profession.

Elections for the latter, to be known as the professional nursing committee, will take place later this year, with nominations welcome until 29 August. Of the 14 members, there will be at least one from each UK country, one healthcare support worker and one student.

Leadership and status

The RCN has faced criticism in recent years for focusing too much on pursuing better terms and conditions, at the perceived expense of providing professional leadership.

This is not entirely fair, but sometimes the perception becomes the accepted truth, so action to bolster the RCN’s status as a royal college is welcome.

General secretary and chief executive Janet Davies says she wants the new committee to develop a vision for the profession and help the college to achieve it. So if you’re up for a challenge, it’s time to get that application ready.

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