Graham Scott

Angela Hall

RCN Nurse of the Year 2018 does the profession proud

Angela Hall’s innovative work has transformed the care of people with heart conditions

Nurses on break

Nurses’ well-being is the key to workforce crisis

Ensuring staff can take breaks would encourage more to stay

Graham Scott

Is this the best pay offer NHS nurses can hope for? Yes, probably

The NHS pay proposal clearly doesn’t please everyone, but it is almost certainly the best deal that can be done – for now

Nursing Standard video

Welcome to your new Nursing Standard

We are excited to present a new and enhanced Nursing Standard that reflects the growing adoption of smartphones and other digital technologies to access information.

New website

A new-look website to suit your needs

Enhanced websites and a new app accompany the launch of our new, monthly Nursing Standard, which offers more of the content you want

Social media

Rules on nurses’ use of social media must move with the times

The rules on appropriate and professional use of social media should give nurses the scope to use these platforms to enhance patient outcomes

Annual Leave

Nurses’ annual leave is more important than ever

A more generous pay deal must be part of the government’s response to the nurse staffing crisis – but reports that it has proposed nurses give up a day off in return for better salaries have been met with anger

Jeremy Hunt

Culture change is not the only way to address mistakes in the NHS

Nurses want to be open about mistakes, but are sometimes afraid to be, as Jeremy Hunt rightly says. What is needed is a change in the prevailing organisational culture – and a commitment to having enough staff in post

Nursing Now Campaign

Let’s build an unstoppable alliance to ensure Nursing Now succeeds

The global campaign, led by the WHO and backed by the Duchess of Cambridge, begins its three-year quest to reduce non-communicable diseases, improve public health and deliver universal health coverage

Dignity dying

UK still refuses to address the scandal of people dying without dignity

Too many people die a painful or undignified death because there is insufficient funding to employ enough nurses and pay them properly. It’s a scandal that shows no sign of ending

Nurse on iPad

Techie or technophobe? Discover all that e-nursing has to offer

This week we begin a series of articles aimed at helping nurses to improve their digital literacy and make the most of technology that can enhance their practice

University application

Falling nursing degree applicant numbers show folly of bursary and fees changes

The number of applicants for courses starting in 2018 across the UK is down by a third since just two years ago. If the government is serious about solving this crisis, restoring the bursary, covering tuition fees and increasing student places would go a long way


Cuts in funding for nurses’ CPD must be reversed immediately

The decision to reduce funding for nurses’ continuing professional development was daft. Now...

Don’t blame younger nurses who quit rather than accept poor conditions

The profession has risen to the challenge time and again as NHS resources dwindled, but...

Nurses need to make their own decision on whether to have flu vaccination

The high number of flu cases this winter has prompted a call for flu vaccination to be made...

Winter crisis highlights ministers’ failure to take staffing seriously

With cancelled operations and long queues, the simplistic solution would be to open more...

Scrap the Cap an indisputable success, but the challenge isn’t over yet

The coming year holds the prospect of a meaningful pay rise for nurses, but an attempt to...

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate...