Techie or technophobe? Discover all that e-nursing has to offer

This week we begin a series of articles aimed at helping nurses to improve their digital literacy and make the most of technology that can enhance their practice

Are you terrified of the internet and all things digital? Even if you’re not, and are happier reading your Nursing Standard on your smartphone than in print, hopefully a series we are launching this week will help you and your colleagues to make better use of technology to deliver better patient outcomes.

Over the next six weeks, Nursing Standard will be offering a helping hand to technophobes and those who have so far only dipped a tentative toe into the World Wide Web and all the wonders it contains.

We have started at a basic level, so those readers who are already at ease using their smartphones, tablets and laptops may feel that the articles are not for them.

Share what you know

If this applies to you, we hope that you will share the content with colleagues who may be reluctant to embrace new technologies, and use the guides as a springboard for conversations about the benefits of doing so.

Our series is in support of a campaign to improve nurses’ digital literacy being run by Health Education England and supported by the RCN. The campaign’s aim is to help staff in all settings to make better decisions about caring for patients by making effective use of computers and other devices.

Thousands of nurses already use online resources such as RCNi Learning modules, which are a quick and convenient way of refreshing your knowledge while complying with revalidation requirements.

Here’s hoping that many more acquire the confidence to do likewise over the coming weeks.


Digital literacy part 1: You can be an e-nurse