Catch my drift?

Don’t mess with disease names, says Jane Bates.

Spinning out

I like to help where I can. No charge, of course. I am like the car mechanic who is happy to...

Voices - Language controls would improve safety and care quality, says Janet Finch

The Nursing and Midwifery Council agreed last week to consult on implementing measures to...

It helps to listen

I have spent most of my nursing career working in cancer care and hospices.

Let’s shake on it

Jane Bates considers healthy hand-holding.

A kind of magic

I think Janet has been watching too many horror movies. Why else would a primary school...


The general election has once again raised the question of just how ‘united’ is the kingdom...

How to build trust with a trans young person

Jesse Ashman, a volunteer for Gendered Intelligence, has some advice for nurses treating a...