Essential supply line

Since the NHS was set up in 1948, nurses trained abroad have been a vital part of its...

Pie dream

Patients relish a meal break, says Jane Bates.

Painful reminder

On Monday morning, I will wake up with a bad back, and as usual I will have forgotten why.

Medicines management

Is it safe for nurses to be redeployed to cover staff shortages in practice areas where they...

Genetic make-up

Roger announced the other day, completely out of the blue, that he was 2.7% Neanderthal. It...

Question Marc

Do I need an indemnity arrangement if I only do agency work in a care home, not a hospital?

Voices - Make your contribution to NHS England’s strategy, says Jane Cummings

As my fourth chief nursing officer’s summit on December 1/2 approaches, this is an...

Shifting boundaries

When recent research showed lower overall and slower increases in the numbers of people with...

Love does it

Jane Bates finds endearments helpful.

Voices - Longer shifts can appear seductive, but do not be fooled, says Susan Osborne

Lord Carter of Coles’ updated review of operational productivity among NHS providers is due...

Staffing the weekend

Throughout the summer and since, debate has been raging about seven-day services in the NHS.

Not so FAQs

Jane Bates vows to come clean with the answers.

Are we there yet?

Every time I drive my car, it feels less like a journey and more like a guilt trip. It is my...


The UK’s ageing population frames any debate about the future of the NHS. It is driving up...

Voices - Revalidation will increase focus on professionalism, says Janet Finch

I have spent many years working in higher education, and I know what an exciting time it is...

Uncomfortable truth

The ethnic diversity of the NHS workforce is testament to both the global reach of the NHS...

Sloppy service

Jane Bates despairs at NHS bureaucracy.

Hard to stomach

Small portions are the next big thing. According to a report from Cambridge University, if...