Let the NMC know nurses need kindness, not blame

The regulator is changing its tune, with potentially big implications for fitness to practise
An illustration highlighting the NMC's role in protecting patients as well as registrants

The regulator is changing its tune, with potentially big implications for fitness to practise

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) chief executive Andrea Sutcliffe has articulated a change in the regulator’s approach: to be kinder, open and transparent, and to gain trust.

She wants to nurture a culture of humanity in the organisation. This will benefit both the regulator’s nurse and midwife registrants and also the public that it protects.

Next steps for the NMC

Feedback from research earlier this year showed that stakeholders wanted the NMC to :

  • Take a wider, more proactive view of its place in the healthcare system.
  • Pay more attention to workforce pressures and planning.
  • Become more dynamic and enact change more quickly.
  • Be more sensitive to the needs of each of the UK countries.

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