Caroline Shuldham

Reporting to senior colleagues

Reporting concerns about a senior colleague is a necessary act of courage

Whistleblowing is never easy – particularly if the person is in a position of power

Apologising when things go wrong is part of providing compassionate patient care

How to say sorry to patients and their families

Apologising when things go wrong is part of compassionate care – but you have to get it right

two nurses talk happily on the ward

Creative nurse retention strategies go a long way to solving safe-staffing woes

Organisations should sometimes be willing to pay a premium to retain staff

An illustration highlighting the NMC's role in protecting patients as well as registrants

Let the NMC know nurses need kindness, not blame

The regulator is changing its tune, with potentially big implications for fitness to practise

Two nurses talking. Photo: Science Photo Library

Compassionate leadership is not new, but it does drive innovation

Leaders who invest in relationships and collaborative working will reap the rewards

Good management, not legislation, is the key to safe staffing

UK-wide safe staffing laws are only a small part of the solution

Why it’s not enough to focus on nurse numbers

Without the right skill mix across the healthcare team, it's not safe staffing

Beware of claiming to know your patient best

Can we really say nurses build a closer rapport than other multidisciplinary team members?


CQC inspections may achieve few tangible benefits

A study of how CQC inspections influence healthcare performance has startling insights

Voting is your chance to shape nursing’s future

Have a say on your profession’s leaders, starting with the RCN EGM, says Caroline Shuldham

Well-being a priority amid staff shortages

Protecting nurses' well-being is a priority as vacancy rates remain critically...

More needs to be done to ensure nurses feel valued and supported amid chronic staff shortages

Caroline Shuldham

Judging the RCNi Nurse Awards has made me so proud of our profession

Every finalist shows what a huge difference excellent nurses can make

Choice words: why language matters when talking to patients

How what you say can make your message more or less effective

Caroline Shuldham: Senior nurse leaders are tough but they can’t flourish in a blame...

Nurse directors need exceptional qualities and skills to provide effective leadership. But...

Caroline Shuldham: Volunteers in the NHS can complement care

With so many people willing to give up their time and share their skills, health services...

Caroline Shuldham: Nurses must remain emotionally engaged but protected from burnout 

Emotional engagement with patients is an important part of the nursing role, but the well-...

How to undertake a root cause analysis investigation to improve patient safety

Determining how and why a patient safety incident has occurred

Caroline Shuldham: Why it’s vital for nurses to engage in research

Whether you are interested in a career in research, or just want to do a one-off project,...