What’s in your night shift bag?

Tips for nursing students facing their first night shift, including what essentials to take and finding a routine that works

Picture of someone walking down a hospital corridor at night
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Preparing for your first night shift can be a daunting experience.

So many questions cross your mind. Will I be able to stay awake? What should I eat? And what should I bring with me?

This episode of the Nursing Standard podcast answers all those questions and more.

Giving yourself time to wind down after a shift

Podcast guests Molly Kiltie, senior mental health practitioner at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, and Danielle Robinson, a third-year adult nursing student at the University of Lincoln, give listeners tips on how to survive a first night shift.

They tell RCNi editorial assistant Serafina Basciano about the importance of finding a routine that works for you and giving yourself time to wind down after a shift.

Our guests also discuss what essentials they have in their bags that help them get through the night.

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