Nursing Standard podcast: inclusive communication and how to avoid making assumptions

Nurses can use language that unwittingly excludes LGBT parents and their families. Find out how you can ensure the terms you use enhance every patient’s healthcare experience

Nurses should communicate in a way that does not exclude LGBT parents
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How can nurses use their communication skills to ensure families from all backgrounds feel included?

The latest Nursing Standard podcast examines how the language used by healthcare professionals and systems can make a difference to patient experience.

The healthcare experience of LGBT parents

The episode examines the experiences of couples of the same gender in accessing healthcare for their children.

RCNi senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett speaks to University of Birmingham lecturer in children’s nursing Lucy Kelsall-Knight. Dr Kelsall-Knight has conducted the UK’s first research into how people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans feel when using health services for their children.

The pair are joined by Rob Atkin-House, who with his husband is a father to three sons. He shares his personal experiences.

The discussion covers how healthcare professionals can avoid making unintented assumptions about the make-up of families and how health service documentation can be improved to support this.

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