How nurses can avoid paying too much tax

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An HMRC expert explains how to claim for work-related expenses in the latest Nursing Standard podcast

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Are you missing out on money that you could reclaim from the tax office?

Employed nurses and other members of the nursing team can claim refunds from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on many work-related expenses, the Nursing Standard podcast hears.

This includes costs related to washing uniforms if employers do not offer this service, professional fees, union subscriptions and journals such as Nursing Standard, as well as mileage if not covered by employers.

The latest episode of the podcast hears from Clare Merrills, a spokesperson for HMRC, on what nurses can claim and how to go about getting it.

With the average claim for work-related expenses coming to £125 it is well worth doing, she says.

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It is simple for nurses to claim themselves, without using an agent

But too many people make their claim using an agent, who may take a big cut from payments awarded. Such companies may take 50% or more from the sum that nurses are entitled too, HMRC says.

Ms Merrills tells journalist and podcast host Erin Dean it is simple for nurses to claim themselves and explains how individuals can go about doing it.

‘It’s highly likely you are entitled to a claim this extra allowance and it is really straightforward to do it,’ she says. ‘If you’re entitled to it, get it in your pocket.’

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