Workplace issues: take part in Nursing Standard’s survey

We want to hear about your experiences at work, including mentorship, cost-of-living pressures and whether you’ve ever faced harassment

Illustration saying 'Your opinion matters', as Nursing Standard launches a workplace issues survey
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It is no secret that working as a nurse has its downsides as well as its upsides, and we want to hear all about it.

At a time when nurses across the UK are fighting for fairer pay and working conditions, facing record nursing vacancies and coping with increased demand on the NHS, Nursing Standard wants to hear the workplace experiences of our readers around the UK.

What issues are affecting you?

We want to know whether you have been asked to take on duties outside of your role or whether you have access to supervision or mentorship.

We also want to know how the current cost-of-living crisis is affecting you. Have you needed to supplement your income with a second job?

In addition, we are interested in whether you have ever experienced harassment or sexism at work.

Our Nursing Standard workplace issues survey runs until 5pm on 17 April. It is open to all nursing staff in the UK and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Take part in our survey

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