Poopology: the board game that teaches staff about diarrhoea management

New learning tool embeds knowledge and ‘brings fun into teaching sessions’ 
Poopology game

New learning tool embeds knowledge and ‘brings fun into teaching sessions’ 

New board game Poopology will leave nurses flush with knowledge of infection prevention and control.

The game is designed to train staff about how to manage people with diarrhoea in a variety of care settings.

Originated by nurses

Poopology was originally created by senior nurse Allison Sykes and her infection prevention and control team at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where it has been used to educate staff for the past five years. 

Up to eight players can answer questions and learn about topics such as hand hygiene, taking stool samples and reporting diarrhoea.

Players can also tailor their Poopology experience to their work environment, with different sets of questions for hospitals, nursing and residential care homes, and domiciliary care settings.

Minimising the spread of infection

‘The Poopology game is a great tool to engage staff and embed knowledge, while also bringing fun into teaching sessions,’ Ms Sykes said.

‘It will help staff in various settings to understand how their actions can minimise the spread of infection and ensure people are cared for effectively.’

Special discount

Educational games company Focus Games is distributing Poopology, which costs £60, but a special discounted launch price of £40 is valid until 1 May. 

Focus Games previously launched Game of Stools in 2017 to help healthcare professionals to understand and manage Clostridium difficile.

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