Career advice

Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter when you're job hunting...

Employers are increasingly turning to social media as a recruitment tool

Spirit of collaboration

Few of us work in isolation, so ensuring your team works well together is essential.

The best thing about being a director of nursing? Meeting patients and nurturing the

Anne-Maria Olphert says nursing is 'a big family that understands what you are going through'

Make the right choice

Two employers are vying for your services, so how do you choose between them? Here's some...

Expanding skills and experience

Band 5 and 6 nurses at one of the UK's largest employers are benefiting from a novel...

Lessons from rejection

So you didn't get the job. Time to brush yourself down and prepare for next time

Bank nursing: a flexible option

Joining the nurse bank can give you control over your hours, and open up opportunities to...

Secure that ideal job

Playing to your strengths and seeking specialist career advice are just some ways of...

Local role that’s hard to ignore

Launched by Diabetes UK in 2015, the clinical champion programme is already making a...

Prepare for interview

Distinguish yourself from the other candidates by preparing thoroughly for your interview...

How to land that job

GIve yourself a head start by making personal contact with your potential future employer

Nursing leadership is as much about learning as it is leading

Paul Edwards, head of practice development at BUPA, says good leader is 'authentic,...

Lightening the load

If you feel inundated and are struggling to cope, then these tips are designed to help you...

Networking benefits

Keep up to date professionally, share expertise and gain emotional support by building...

Clear communication

We all know that good communication skills are crucial, but it's easy to slip into bad...

A vital part of the surgical team

The traditional surgical workforce has changed – and continues to do so. Discover why and...

Care for all sexual orientations

Caring for trans* clients presents a particular challenge from a career perspective

Leaders must find the right balance between challenge, support and action

Ruth Holt would like to see staff working across community and acute settings


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