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A CPD article improved Helen Ballantyne’s knowledge of nursing issues in relation to globalisation and global health.

A CPD article improved Helen Ballantyne’s knowledge of nursing issues in relation to globalisation and global health

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What was the nature of the CPD activity, practice-related feedback and/or event and/or experience in your practice?

The article defined the terms globalisation and global health, and discussed the ways in which increased globalisation is affecting healthcare, in particular nursing.

What did you learn from the CPD activity, feedback and/or event and/or experience in your practice?

The article defined globalisation as the increasing economic and social interdependence of countries. It includes the opening of international borders to an increasingly fast flow of goods, services and people.

Increasing globalisation has led to the development of global health, the term for health issues that are no longer contained geographically and cannot be managed by one country on its own. 

I learned that global health has broadened the scope of nursing practice in the UK. For instance, there are many conditions being seen in primary care that historically would have been rare or non-existent in the UK, such as sickle cell disease and female genital mutilation.

The article emphasised that addressing global health requires collaboration of countries, governments and healthcare systems.

How did you change or improve your practice?

I am aware that cultural competence in nursing has become increasingly relevant as a result of globalisation.

Understanding various cultures is crucial to patient care, because without this, it may be challenging for nurses to provide appropriate support. I intend to undertake training in cultural competence.

Since globalisation has broadened the scope of nursing practice, I will be aware that what may be perceived as global health issues may be present in my local practice. I plan to develop my knowledge so that I can respond to these issues effectively.

I found the article interesting and am keen to read more about global health and how I can become involved in the aspects of globalisation that affect nursing.

How is this relevant to the Code? Select one or more themes: Prioritise people, Practise effectively, Preserve safety, Promote professionalism and trust

Globalisation means that nurses are increasingly likely to come into contact with patients who have unfamiliar care needs.

Nurses have a responsibility to equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding to provide effective care, in accordance with The Code theme of practising effectively.

The Code states that nurses should pay special attention to health promotion and the prevention of ill health. The article stated that the rates of patients with non-communicable diseases are rising worldwide. 

Thus, nurses are increasingly likely to spend time caring for such patients, and health promotion is an important aspect of this. The article has enabled me to understand the importance of health promotion on a global scale.

Helen Ballantyne is a staff nurse at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge

This reflective account is based on NS895 Bradbury-Jones C, Clark M (2017) Globalisation and global health: issues for nursing. Nursing Standard. 31, 39, 54-62 

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