Patient view

My nurse is 'selfless and dedicated'

Denys Williams describes the work of her nurse, team leader Fiona McCartan, in helping her recover from a heart condition

When you think you are fit and well, it is a shock to find yourself in a cardiac ward with chest pains, then to leave with a stent and to be told you are good as new.

I wish it were that easy. For most heart patients, the physical side may be cured but mental scars remain. You realise how vulnerable you are. Fortunately, at Wycombe Hospital they know patients need a comprehensive prevention and rehabilitation programme to complete the healing.

With all such programmes the quality of delivery is key and the Wycombe team, led by Fiona McCartan, knows just how to do it. When I started the programme, I was in denial about what had happened. Fiona allayed my fears and convinced me I could do more to prevent further incidents. During initial rehab, I saw how effectively she worked, quietly encouraging all programme participants, whatever their condition. 


The programme is part-funded by the charity Hearts and Souls. Fiona is active in supporting the charity and helps with fundraising events, such as a challenging sponsored walk.

In 2013, the Wycombe team took part in a collaboration to revolutionise the way cardiac rehab is carried out. Fiona was at the forefront of this work, which involved a major learning process for the team and a rebuild of facilities. The team was subsequently nominated for a national award.

Friends and acquaintances who have had cardiac problems all mention the invaluable support they received from the team and Fiona in particular. I successfully nominated her for a local hospital award and she used the proceeds to further improve the rehab facilities rather than indulge herself.

Fiona McCartan is an outstanding nurse and a strong leader who goes that extra mile to ensure success. She is a shining example of the best of British nursing – dedicated, selfless, always putting her patients first.

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