'My midwife made childbirth a positive and enjoyable experience'


'My midwife made childbirth a positive and enjoyable experience'

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Nurse Heather Scott praises the exceptional care she received from midwife Anna Marley.

Heather Scott, with her son John, says her midwife's efforts were beyond anything she could have expected.

I was expecting my first baby. I was nervous and in slow labour. When I called the maternity unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead for reassurance over the phone, midwife Anna Marley was on shift.

I didn't know what to expect, but Anna was there throughout the night, on the other end of the line, giving me reassurance that everything was okay, even though the labour was taking a long time.

The following night I went into active labour and Anna was on shift again. She would be the midwife who delivered my baby, and she made sure it was a good experience for my partner and I.

From the moment Anna greeted us at the door, to showing us to our room, through to delivery and aftercare, her bedside manner and professionalism was beyond anything we could have expected.

Advice and support

As first-time parents, my partner and I were anxious, but she made everything easier and more bearable. She constantly included my partner and patiently explained the different processes, as well as giving him advice and support.

My partner is scared of hospitals, but afterwards he said to me that if he had been paying hundreds of pounds for a private service, he would not have expected such a high level of care and attention. As a nurse myself, I think this is a big compliment.

After the slow start, my labour took hold quickly and I had to deliver without pain relief. If it wasn't for having such a supportive midwife, I don't know how I would have coped.

It is because of Anna that my experience was positive and enjoyable. She deserves to be credited for what she does, because I can see that she shows the same commitment to everyone in her care. That means there are a lot of happy mothers out there.