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Letter: Nurses urged to respond to PrEP consultation

The long-awaited public consultation on the HIV prevention tool, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), is finally here after more than 18 months of delays and false promises.

Many people, including nurses who are familiar with the effectiveness of PrEP, have felt powerless in the campaign to make this game-changing prevention treatment available, faced with apathy from NHS England. But now is the time to mobilise, and I urge you to help bring an end of the HIV epidemic in the UK and respond to this consultation before 23 September.  

With PrEP we have a powerful new tool in our arsenal to improve public health and stop HIV transmission.

This NHS England consultation is a vital step that must take place before a decision is made on making the treatment available to those at greatest risk of HIV. By making the nursing voice heard, we can help decide on the future of the HIV epidemic in the UK. 

Liz Porter, director of clinical services at Terrence Higgins Trust

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