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Letter: Celebrating the success of Nailsea District Leg Club

Last month Nailsea District Leg Club in Somerset celebrated its first birthday.

The Leg Club is run by nursing staff from local GP practices and North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP).

We have more than 150 leg club members, many of whom attend weekly for treatment and the chance to socialise with others who have similar conditions.

Our records show members whose ulcers healed during the club’s first year (July 2015 - July 2016) had not experienced recurrence, evidencing that this holistic way of nursing really works.

We are very proud of our leg club as it has certainly proved to address a need in our community, healing rates are excellent and everyone who attends really appreciates the care and attention they receive.

In addition to the local community embracing the leg club, I was delighted to receive an employee's excellence award this week, from the NSCP chief executive, for my work with the club.

I was really pleased and honoured to receive it as being involved with the leg club is part of my role that I thoroughly enjoy and feel passionate about.


Polly Cox, North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) team co-ordinator for the Rural Integrated Care Team

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