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Austerity is a government choice

Our NHS is in a financial crisis, with nine in ten hospitals overspent as a result of years of funding squeezes.

Health costs

So much of what is good and bad for the NHS comes back to money and funding.

The conservative government has consistently spent less as a share of the UK’s GDP on health than any other EU country.

We have a publicly funded healthcare system; it is paid for by taxpayers.


About 78 per cent of working-age EU immigrants in the UK are in work (a higher proportion than among UK nationals), which means most are paying tax and contributing to the NHS.

Migrants to the UK are also more likely to be young and fit, and so less likely to need the NHS.

You are more likely to find yourself cared for by a migrant than to find one queuing for benefits.

Let’s make one thing clear: migration is not the cause of the NHS’s problems; austerity is, and that is a government choice.

Joan Pons Laplana, Telehealth clinical lead, East Midlands


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