Nightingales Under the Mistletoe

Set during Christmas 1941, the nurses in the fictional Nightingale series are facing one of their toughest winters yet as some are relocated to sister hospitals across the country in the seventh instalment of the series.

Against the backdrop of wartime England with food shortages and battle defeats, readers are reunited with Millie, a romantic from the first three books, who gave up her nursing career when she married her husband Seb and moved to her ancestral home.

After being widowed, and rural bliss failing to materialise, we see her protect her home from requisition by the armed forces, reunite with nursing and eventually see her rekindle a long-lost love.

Recognising there are battles to be fought on the home front (or more specifically, the evacuated hospital in the Kent countryside), readers will be gripped by characters such as underage Effie who has left her Irish roots and falls for a smooth-talking GI, only to realise that her heart actually belongs to a farmer from back home.

Meanwhile, two sisters’ family beliefs are challenged when they fall in love with the same man.

These books will appeal to fans of TV’s Call the Midwife as well as those who enjoy reading about life in hospital settings. Written in a heart-warming and easy-going style, it is a perfect book to curl up with on a winter’s afternoon.

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