The Menopause Cure: Hormonal Health

Evidence-based natural options for managing the menopause – 3/5

The title of this book suggests the menopause is a curable illness, rather than a normal life event.

The text is as much about ageing as it is about menopause and appears to suggest that with changes to hormones (but not conventional ones), you can outlive the ageing process.

The term ‘restorative medicine’ is embraced by many medically qualified practitioners who offer ‘hormone balancing’ – at great cost – to lengthen lifespan and prolong youth. While it may appear an alluring prospect, such treatments for menopause are under-researched and unlicensed in the UK, with no research evidence to review.

Among this book’s positive points is the need for women to take their health seriously and to make lifestyle changes to see them through the menopause and into old age. With conventional HRT now using mainly natural types of oestrogen and progesterone, nurses can offer women an evidence-based natural choice on the NHS.

Jill D Davey, Sergey Dzugan | Matador | £8.99 | 224pp | ISBN: 9781784623753

Reviewed by Kathy Abernethy, menopause specialist nurse (


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