Health Intervention Research: Understanding Research Design & Methods

This book describes the rationale of different research designs and methods clearly and simply, and then examines their effectiveness in the context of health intervention. The practical descriptions for implementing different research methods are also helpful.

The text is divided into three sections. The first emphasises the importance of selecting the correct research designs and methods. The second focuses on the effects of intervention on outcomes. The final section covers methods used in conducting intervention evaluation research.

The book is easy to navigate, has clear explanations of complex concepts and can act as a steer to more detailed information if required. I used this book to guide me through some unfamiliar research methods.

While it is not written with a UK context in mind, and does not have some of the specific legal and NHS frameworks and regulations, I did not feel the book was any less useful for that.

I would recommend this text to nurses seeking a clear reference guide. It will also be useful for novice researchers in health who want to develop an understanding of how evidence is gained in healthcare, as well as the importance of well-designed studies and an organised approach.

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