Excellence in Dementia Care: Research into Practice (Second edition)

This updated edition on dementia has been reorganised, and includes added chapters on topics such as dementia-friendly communities, physical design and young-onset dementia.

Each chapter is now headed with quotes from people with dementia, or their family carers, which make an interesting illustrative addition.

The new chapters are well written and contemporary, but those that have been brought forward from the first edition have been variably updated. While some have been rewritten, sometimes with new authors, others are more or less identical to those in the first edition and are therefore heavy with pre-2008 references. Notably, the information on dementia and its sub-types in chapter one seems not to have been revised, though surely the past six years have produced worthwhile new research.

The book is a transatlantic collaboration, with some chapters authored in the UK and others in the United States. This creates issues when chapters are written from a national perspective. For example, ethnicity and dementia is written almost entirely from an American standpoint, limiting its value in the UK, as prominent ethnic groups in this country are not mentioned.

University libraries will stock this book and practitioners will find useful information within it, but overall this is a book for people who think about dementia care, rather than those who carry it out.

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