Compassionate Communities: Case Studies from Britain and Europe

The editors of this book define compassionate communities as those that support people with life-limiting illnesses and end of life care needs. These communities are founded on the social and public health principle that palliative and end of life care is everyone’s business.

Each chapter details the approaches and effort required to create these communities, as well as the problems that must be overcome.

The book sets out case studies from across Europe to illustrate the feasibility of compassionate communities as social practices, rather than as ‘idealistic, romantic or sentimental constructions’.

The case studies share practical experiences and reflections to develop the knowledge of those who want to create compassionate communities, and to support those already involved in them.

There is supplementary information and a detailed preface providing an overview of each chapter, all of which sets the scene for the rest of the book.

This text is aimed at academics, practitioners and policymakers in associated fields; nurses studying at undergraduate or master’s degree level, for example, and those in practitioner and policy roles, will find sections of interest. I would recommend this book is bought by hospitals or academic libraries rather than individuals.

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