Book Review: Managing and Leading in Inter-agency Settings (second edition)

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In a climate of national and international health and social care reform, there is increased emphasis on partnership working across public, private and third sector services.

While greater integration of services brings multiple benefits for managers and leaders, partnership working can prove challenging for managers and leaders  charged with working with other agencies and professions. 

As part of a series of resources designed to offer practical support for those working within the health and social care arena, this short but comprehensive text offers an insight into some of the challenges of leading and managing collaborative practice.

The authors focus on current policy trends, research and key issues encountered by leaders and managers within interagency settings, and identify frameworks and concepts that can be applied to help support more effective leadership and management within the context of joint working.

The book gives a succinct summary of recommendations necessary for policy and practice when navigating through the challenges of interagency collaborations. 

This pocket-sized  text is a useful source of reference for all professionals responsible for health and social care delivery. 

Helen Dickinson and Gemma Carey |Policy Press| £12.99 | 304pp| ISBN: 9781447329848

Reviewed by Jacqueline Harley, senior lecturer, Nursing and Midwifery Higher Education Department States of Jersey Health and Social Services, St Helier, Jersey


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