Book review: The Health Debate (Second edition)

Appropriate reading for all nurses to read and understand the drivers for change.

5 stars

The Health Debate second edition book cover

This book is a must for any nurse interested in the political agenda and its impact on the NHS and nursing. It is very well written and easy to follow, sharing many thoughts on how policy and politics are influencing the struggles currently faced by all NHS organisations. 

The updated edition includes the recent national policy changes including the Five Year Forward View, which is discussed in detail. 

The conclusions at the end of each chapter are particularly useful for clarity and confirmation. With the current austerity measures and the future of healthcare changing rapidly, this is appropriate reading for all nurses to understand the reasoning behind the machinations of change. 

Nurses in leadership roles should definitely read this to assist with future planning and gain an understanding of the complex system we work within. 

While I would encourage individuals to purchase this, it is an ideal book for libraries to stock as an excellent reference. It certainly ensures that the reader understands the why, how and reason for the rapid change the NHS is experiencing.

David J Hunter | Policy Press | 240pp | £14.99 | ISBN: 9781447326977

Reviewed by Debbie Quinn, Queens Nurse, head of professional development, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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