Book Review: Fast Facts: Parkinson’s Disease (Fourth edition)

★ ★ ★ ★

Although a small book, it is easy to read, well-structured and contains a vast amount of information on the illness and associated syndromes.

Colour print, key points, diagrams and pictures bring the book to life, and the straightforward text makes it an accessible read. However, as with any medical textbook, much of the information will date quickly.

The book provides a comprehensive exploration of Parkinson’s disease and its associated conditions, treatments and complications. The emphasis on quality of life and holistic care and the inclusion of patients’ perspectives make it an essential text for Parkinson’s specialist nurses or any nurse working with these patients.

Chapters on the patient journey, diagnosis and other therapies and support would be useful for different nursing groups, including nursing students.

K Ray Chaudhuri, Victor SC Fung | Health Press | £15 | 168p | ISBN: 9781908541932

Kathryn Louise Walker, clinical research nurse, Newcastle NIHR Clinical Ageing Research Unit

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