App review: BECCA

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Created by charity Breast Cancer Care, this app aims to help people with breast cancer adapt to daily life once hospital treatment ends.

Developed by healthcare professionals and breast care nurses, who have suggested content, as well as people living with breast cancer, the app offers bite-sized suggestions designed to improve users’ quality of life after diagnosis and help them find a new ‘normal’.

Divided into 12 categories, including beauty, exercise, fashion, mindfulness and symptoms, the content is topical and breast cancer-specific. Tips are delivered in the form of a deck of cards and users can flick through ideas and cards they are interested in.

Each section offers the option of asking Breast Cancer Care nurses for extra support via email or phone, or raising further queries about breast cancer or breast health.  

Nurses – in particular cancer and practice nurses – could direct patients to the app.

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also available on Google Play

Reviewed by Layla Haidrani, RCNi editorial assistant

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