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‘Big picture’ political issues become nurses’ daily reality

While the RCN and the country as a whole face uncertain times, nursing care continues

The last four months – my ‘induction’ period at Nursing Standard – have been a turbulent time. Not for me personally, but for health and social care in general.

The RCN has been thrown into a crisis, following a vote of no confidence in its leadership over the pay deal. 

Meanwhile, the country is going through its own crisis over our future relationship with the European Union.

And in the months ahead, politicians and policymakers will, inevitably, be discussing winter pressures, care packages and delayed hospital discharge.

Dealing with the reality

But it’s you who’ll be dealing with the realities of those issues on a daily basis.

That’s why our feature, on how nurses should be key players in creating appropriate care pathways from hospital to home, is essential reading.

We know you came into this profession to be nurses, not politicians, but this article shows what you can do to influence the way patient care is provided.

At Nursing Standard, we’re here to ensure you have the information you need to do your job to the best of your ability. We know that your primary interests and expectations from us are clinical articles, not political ones.

Our new-look content, in print and online, has been drawn together around the issues we know you’re most interested in, based on your engagement with our website. Our November print issue, for instance, groups content around the key issues of leadership, health promotion, end of life care and continence.

And if you’re searching online you can use those same ‘keywords’ to find these articles, as well as additional resources not available in print.

As my induction continues, I’ll be out and about meeting nurses in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the coming months.

But as someone caring for elderly relatives myself, I am only too aware of the brilliant job you all do. A huge thank you.