Workplace stress and how not to feel undermined by other people’s negativity

Reflection allowed me to analyse an unpleasant experience and boost my resilience
woman is surrounded by angry critics but retains her inner calm

Reflection allowed me to analyse an unpleasant experience and boost my resilience

My working day began with a video conference – me in one city and others in another. I was early, so after setting up my laptop and organising my paperwork I dialled in, only to find I couldn’t connect.

An email popped up saying the meeting had been cancelled just five minutes earlier, so I closed down my equipment and returned to my office with the intention of phoning the chairperson.

I felt I was being blamed unfairly

Logging on to my desktop computer, I found an email headed: ‘meeting NOW’. Before I had chance to call anybody, my phone was ringing. On answering, I was met with: ‘Where are you, we’ve lost time, why didn’t you phone me?’

Making my way back downstairs to the