Sick of ‘resilience’? How to embrace being human – not superhuman

Chiara Dall’Ora explains why she refuses to teach resilience to nursing students

Photo of Chiara Dall’Ora
Nursing workforce lecturer Chiara Dall’Ora

Are you tired of being told things would be better if you were just a bit more resilient?

Or frustrated with well-being initiatives designed by well-meaning employers, but for which you have no time?

Focus on resilience denies nurses’ vulnerability

This episode of the Nursing Standard podcast looks at the power of embracing your vulnerability and sense of humanity, and examines the dangerous misconception that healthcare staff are superhuman.

Chiara Dall’Ora, lecturer on nursing workforce at the University of Southampton, talks to Nursing Standard editor Flavia Munn about why she refuses to teach resilience to nursing students.

She explains how instead she teaches students about the impact of the work environment, being change agents and the importance of being human.

How to avoid gimmicks and provide more effective support

Dr Dall’Ora also talks about what managers can put in place to support staff when staffing levels are low and how to avoid empty gestures or gimmicks.

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