Reducing imposter syndrome and achieving change at work

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Our podcast guest, and former RCN Nurse of the Year, shares her experience of tackling her fears – and why you should embrace failure

Sexual and reproductive healthcare nurse Nicola Bailey. Picture: Presseye

How do you reduce imposter syndrome and achieve changes at work?

The secret to success in these areas – and why you should embrace failure – are revealed in the latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast.

Our podcast guest Nicola Bailey is no stranger to change, having revolutionised sexual health care in Northern Ireland by setting up an early medical abortion service.

Sexual and reproductive healthcare nurse Ms Bailey established the Rose Clinic providing terminations up to the tenth week of pregnancy to women in Belfast, overcoming protests and political resistance – all during a COVID-19 lockdown.

How to boost your confidence and lead change

Despite her achievements, which saw her named RCN Nurse of the Year in 2021, Ms Bailey still experiences imposter syndrome. She explains in the podcast how she seeks to reduce this feeling of inadequacy, ask for help when needed, and influence and lead change.

Ms Bailey also speaks publicly for the first time about how her personal experience of travelling to England for a termination – prior to a law change in Northern Ireland – led her to set up the Rose Clinic.

Since March 2020 abortions have been legally permitted in Northern Ireland up until the twelfth week of pregnancy, however a fully commissioned service is only just getting underway having been held-up by political deadlock.

The importance of a ‘growth mindset’

In the podcast, Ms Bailey also tells interviewer Nursing Standard editor Flavia Munn how her work with the clinic has driven her to further improve inequalities in women’s healthcare.

She also outlines what makes a good nursing leader – at any level of seniority – and how having a ‘growth mindset’ has boosted her confidence.

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