Nursing students: what I wish I’d known before starting out

Nursing students Lin Fidgin and Louise Hyett-Collins give us the lowdown on how to navigate the challenges of your degree and the competing priorities

Nursing students talk about what they wish they'd know before embarking on their degrees
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Starting a nursing degree is exciting – but can also be overwhelming.

How can you prepare for success and navigate the challenges of such a busy and varied course and career?

What tips do existing students have on juggling the competing priorities? And what books do they advise you buy (if any, yet) – and what are the best shoes to walk the wards in?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast answers all these questions and more on beginning a nursing degree.

Our guests Lin Fidgin – a third year adult nursing student at Teeside University, and Louise Hyett-Collins, who is in her second year of her adult nursing course at University of the Highlands and Islands – give us the lowdown on what they wish they had known before starting out.

They tell interviewer Nursing Standard editor Flavia Munn of the importance of being curious and talk about the best social media accounts to follow – and how to build a supportive network.

The students also give advice on time management and speak about the importance of being kind to yourself.

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