Nursing Standard podcast: how to be a good communicator

Compassionate communication is an essential skill for nurses – cancer nurse and author Janie Brown shares her tips

Podcast guest cancer nurse and author Janie Brown
Janie Brown

How do you become a good communicator? What role does confidence play – and how can you learn this essential nursing skill?

These questions and more are answered by Janie Brown, cancer nurse specialist and author of a critically-acclaimed book on compassionate communication, in the latest Nursing Standard podcast.

Active listening and learning from others

Ms Brown explains the importance of active listening, learning from a role model or mentor, and how to protect your own well-being when breaking bad news.

And she has three tips to help newly qualified nurses develop their communication skills.

Ms Brown is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organisation that provides retreats and support to families whose lives have been changed by cancer.

Her book Radical Acts of Love: Twenty Conversations to Inspire Hope at the End of Life, was published last year.

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