Tired, afraid and bruised: nurse reports from Italy’s COVID-19 front line

Alessia Bonari urged members of the public to ‘do their part’ during the pandemic  

Nurse Alessia Bonari posted a picture of her bruises after wearing a protective mask for extended periods during Italy's COVID-19 epidemic
‘Physically and psychologically tired’: nurse Alessia Bonari posted a picture of her bruises
after wearing a protective mask for extended periods 

A nurse caring for patients with COVID-19 in Italy has shared a picture of her face bruised from wearing a protective mask.

In a candid Instagram post that has been shared around the world, nurse Alessia Bonari said she was ‘physically and psychologically’ tired from caring for patients during the pandemic.

‘I am afraid because the mask might not stick properly to the face, or I might have accidentally touched myself with dirty gloves, or maybe the lenses don’t cover my eyes fully and something slipped by,’ Ms Bonari wrote on the social media site.

Protective equipment causes discomfort and restricts breaks

‘I am physically tired because the protective devices hurt, the lab coat makes me sweat and once I’m dressed I can no longer go to the bathroom or drink for six hours.

‘I am psychologically tired, like all my colleagues who have been in the same situation for weeks, but this won’t stop us doing our job.’

A total of 1,016 people in Italy have died with COVID-19, which has more than 15,000 confirmed cases. 

Italy on lockdown and people urged to follow the official guidelines

Restaurants, cafes, museums and all shops except pharmacies and food stores have been closed, and strict restrictions have been placed on personal movement during the nationwide lockdown.

Ms Bonari urged the Italian public to follow official guidelines.

‘I can’t afford the luxury of going back to a house under quarantine,’ she added.

‘I have to go to work and do my part. You do yours, please.’

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