Nurses treated like ‘dirt’ by government, says Tim Farron

Nurses are being treated ‘like dirt’ by the government, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has told the RCN congress in Liverpool.

 Nurses are being treated ‘like dirt’ by the government, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has told RCN congress in Liverpool.

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron at RCN congress. Picture: John Houlihan

‘Members of the nursing profession are accessing food banks and we have a prime minister who somehow thinks this is not an issue,’ said Mr Farron in his speech on Monday.

‘This government is treating nurses like dirt.’

Mr Farron also said the Lib Dems will give the health service the funding it needs.

'It’s important to invest in nurses,’ he said. 

‘We will reintroduce nursing student bursaries and a public sector pay rise, including in health and social care.'

He said that nurses had been treated like pawns by the Tories ‘for far too long’, and acknowledged the long hours and stress on those in the NHS.

‘If you undervalue nurses, midwives and other professionals, don’t be surprised if they leave the profession.’


‘The Conservatives are treating staff like dirt. Theresa May doesn't seem to care that the system is underfunded and heading towards collapse.

‘This is why the Liberal Democrats have pledged £6 billion in funding, per year, for our NHS.’

The comments come as the Lib Dems said nurses and teachers could be in line for an average £780 pay rise if they gain power.

The party have promised to scrap the public sector pay cap, which limits pay rises for nurses and other workers to 1% per year until 2020.

Under new plans to be unveiled in their forthcoming manifesto, the Lib Dems said the end of pay restraint would result in an average pay rise of £779 for staff.

A Conservative party spokesperson said: ‘The only way to deliver a strong economy that pays for strong public services is by backing Theresa May and her Conservative team.’

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