New video trumpets nursing research

King’s College researchers discuss implications of studies into front line care

A video which trumpets the work of nursing research has been launched by King’s College London.

In it, nursing professors Jill Maben and Anne Marie Rafferty discuss their studies into front line care and how their work produces policy and practice recommendations.

Entitled Healthcare Organisation, Workforce and Quality, the video was launched to celebrate the work of pioneering nurse researcher Florence Nightingale.

Professor Maben explains that Florence Nightingale was ‘a great researcher’ who ‘used statistics and evidence to influence her practice.’

Professor Rafferty says that Miss Nightingale ‘had an encyclopedic grasp of the health problems and predicaments of the world’.

The professors have been investigating the staffing levels needed to deliver safe patient care and identifying the support that nursing teams need to give the best care to patients.

The college's Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery executive dean Ian Norman said: ‘This video demonstrates the vital role which research into the healthcare workforce plays in supporting high quality patient care and safety.’