Don’t forget to enter the RCNi Nurse Awards 2020

Grab the chance to promote nursing’s excellence, compassion and commitment

Grab the chance to promote nursing’s excellence, compassion and commitment

Nurses, support workers and students UK-wide have one more week to celebrate the profession by entering the RCNi Nurse Awards 2020.

The awards are an opportunity to share ideas and expertise during the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, while celebrating clinical excellence, compassion and commitment to improving patient care.

Entries are open to individuals and teams in 12 categories that cover the depth and breadth of the profession. Managers can also show how much they appreciate their staff by nominating them.

This week, NHS England announced it would sponsor the Commitment to Carers category to highlight initiatives that support the mental and physical health of unpaid carers, and, in turn, the people they care for.

Nurse calls award ‘the pinnacle of my career’

Previous winners and finalists testify to the impact the awards have had on their practice and career.

Janine McKnight-Cowan won the Community and General Practice Nursing category in 2019. The health visitor was recognised for developing Five Guide, a tool that promotes recovery after caesarean section.

‘The award has been the pinnacle of my career,’ said the Queen’s Nurse, ‘validating that I made a difference.’

Ms McKnight-Cowan said she entered the RCNi Nurse Awards because the opportunity seemed too good to miss, and she urged others to do the same to give their work a national profile.

An opportunity to promote the profession

‘I wanted to share my project widely,’ she said. ‘Winning has definitely raised the profile of my work, spiralling into interviews, articles, Twitter chats and other media coverage.’

Since winning the category, Ms McKnight-Cowan has been awarded a British Empire Medal for services to nursing.

Share your practice by entering the RCNi Nurse Awards now or nominate a colleague you think deserves recognition.

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