A nurse stands in front of a line of other nurses, looking happy and confident. Yet nurses often downplay their role

Our professional inferiority complex: why you’re never ‘just’ a nurse

Safety-critical care is what we do, yet some of us can’t resist the urge to downplay

A nurse makes notes on a chart while looking at a medical monitor attached to an infant’s bed

PEWS could be a great leap forward as long as you have the staff to use it

New initiatives are to be welcomed, but investment in children’s nursing is a priority

A young boy smiles and hugs a teddy bear while being pushed in a wheelchair along a hospital corridor by a smiling nurse

How nurse-led change on a children’s day surgery unit reduced the wait for discharge

Nurses in a new day surgery unit successfully introduced criteria-led discharges

A nurse talks to a mother sitting on the edge of her child’s hospital bed while the father, seated on the other side of the bed, holds his daughter’s hand

Why we mustn't overlook dads caring for children with complex needs

Greater information about fathers’ needs would enable services to address them

A play therapist sits cross legged on the floor making notes as a young boy plays with some plastic animals

We must do better for children receiving mental healthcare

Input from children’s nurses would help improve children’s mental health services

Letby case: families like ours are haunted by ‘what might have been’

Nurse describes the lasting impact of knowing her grandson was in harm’s way

Expert advice

Face of young boy looking forlorn, his measles rash easily visible because of his light skin

Measles surge: what you need to know right now, and how your practice is affected

Your quick guide to public health messaging, symptom recognition and infection control

A teenage girl lies on her side looking distressed while her mother sits close by holding her hand and puts her other hand on her head to comfort her

What you need to know about caring for children with epilepsy

Support can include peer group activities, school counselling and individual care plans

Close up of a young woman’s arm with a continuous glucose monitoring device on it and recording the reading on a mobile phone

All you need to know about glucose monitoring for type 2 diabetes in children

Why continuous monitoring is now recommended for some young people with type 2 diabetes

Flu vaccine 2023/24: rule changes and what you need to know to prepare for the season

Your guide to free jab eligibility and why influenza’s impact should not be underestimated

Gender dysphoria represented by symbols in and outside of  a head shape

Gender dysphoria in young people: what you need to know

Distress, confusion and shame can affect young people, but nurses can offer support

A nurse holds hands with a child who is sitting on their father’s lap

Epilepsy and sudden unexpected death in children: what nurses need to know about SUDEP

Up to 80% of epilepsy-related deaths could be avoided with improved access to services


Children and young people nursing students learn and ask questions about baby incubation in a simulated exercise

Let’s ensure there is positive change in children and young people’s nurse education

A new university project aims to address education concerns and bring about change

Image of a nurse trying to prop up a line of collapsing columns

The resilience of the nursing workforce has been sorely tested over the summer

Long-term health consequences of the pandemic for children are coming to the fore


Why we still need to be alert to COVID-19 in children

A rise in hepatitis cases is being investigated and there could be links to the pandemic


Why workforce shortages and working practices in the NHS need to be addressed

Children’s nurses are agile and adaptable, but they are under increasing pressure and tired

Overwhelmed: how children’s nurses are keeping going despite the constant pressure

A number of concerns are contributing to children’s nurses' anxiety

Will – and should – children receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

There’s no consensus on vaccinating children but school nurses will be key

Your views

A year on from NHS industrial action, what has changed for nurses?

After the hard-won pay deal, we ask our readers’ panel how they feel about the dispute now

Dreaded form-filling: would standardisation across all settings make your job easier?

Universal patient documentation and its potential to ease your admin burden

Patient confidentiality and sharing patient data in your work WhatsApp group

What safeguards do you need to help you use instant messaging responsibly?

Is it safe to ask nurses to move settings to fill-in the staffing gaps?

Nursing care is complex and staff from diverse specialties aren’t interchangeable

Why does it feel like pay for care home and independent sector nurses is overlooked?

Are non-NHS staff under-estimated by the public and even their nursing colleagues?


Rachel Black: Turning up the volume on children’s palliative care

This week is Children’s Hospice Week. Noah's Ark Children's Hospice director of care Rachel Black explains how the Together for Short Lives charity, along with local services across the country, are aiming to raise awareness of the needs of seriously ill children and the services they and their families rely on.



Book review: From Birth to Sixteen

Senior lecturer Alyson Davies reviews an account of the social context of child development

Goodbye Daisy

Book review: Goodbye Daisy

A storybook about dealing with grief for children with special educational needs

Childhood obesity

Book review: Childhood Obesity: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention Approaches

Community nursing reference guide on nutrition and childhood obesity

Great Ormond Street Handbook

Book review: Great Ormond Street Handbook of Paediatrics

Illustrative guide aimed at all healthcare professionals caring for children and young people


Book review: Mental Health in Children and Young People

Senior lecturer Dean-David Holyoake reviews Mental Health in Children and Young People


Book review: Clinical Pocket Reference: Nursing Care of Children and Young People

Nurse adviser Doreen Crawford reviews Nursing Care of Children and Young People