Book review: Goodbye Daisy

A storybook about dealing with grief for children with special educational needs

Goodbye DaisyGoodbye Daisy
Stephanie Nimmo
Hashtag Press
£7.99 | 32pp
ISBN: 9781999805371

There are growing numbers of books and resources that help us to understand children’s experience of grief and loss. This story and guide adds to the collection, but also offers something different.

Aimed at children with profound learning disabilities, it tells the heart-warming story of Daisy and her friend Elsie, who attend a school for children with special educational needs.

One day, Daisy doesn’t arrive at school. All the grown-ups are crying, and Elsie becomes cross and confused. The story covers the difficult task of how to explain to Elsie that her friend has died and how to say goodbye.

Goodbye Daisy is a storybook, and a parent and professional resource. It can be used with any child, but is written to explain the experience and support required for children with additional needs.

The book is a useful resource for parents, schools and other professionals. Providing helpful guidance on how to communicate with children, it describes beautiful activities emphasising the vital importance of making memories.

It is an important story to tell, and will help parents, carers and professionals support a child through their feelings of loss and grief.

Reviewed by Helen Bennett, director of care, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service, Maidenhead

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